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Urology Associates of central california

Since its inception in 1997, Urology Associates of Central California
 has provided the San Joaquin Valley with elite medical care and unprecedented progress in the urological field. As a multi-faceted facility, it houses state of the art equipment and gifted professionals who are committed to the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the genito-urinary system of adults and children.

What began as a vision years ago became a reality when nine practicing urologists left their private practices to form one of the leading medical facilities in the country. Urology Associates of Central California was built on the principle that the sole objective is to continually provide comprehensive and superior healthcare for every patient.

Urology Associates of Central California prides itself on its elite staff, which consists of well trained, highly motivated and caring professionals. Amongst those supporting the physicians on a daily basis are Nurse Practitioners, Supervisors, Registered Nurses, X-Ray Technicians, Medical Assistants, Secretaries, Medical Records and Medical Charge Processing Personnel, all of whom entered the medical profession for a specific purpose – to assist physicians in providing superior healthcare to all patients. The Nurse Practitioners at Urology Associates of Central California play a vital role in supporting the physicians as they provide ancillary support, conduct comprehensive pre-operative history reports and physical examinations, evaluate patient conditions and render appropriate treatment under physician supervision.

The physicians at Urology Associates of Central California have the capability of performing numerous procedures not offered at many other offices. Their complete practice is comprised of a full x-ray department including an 8 slice CT scanner, full-service laboratory, state of the art bone densitometry department, continence and urologic pelvic pain clinic, reproductive and sexual dysfunction medicine and adjacent Ambulatory Surgery Center. The Ambulatory Surgery Center at Urology Associates of Central California is designed to provide patients the finest in outpatient surgical services. It is equipped to offer our physicians all that they need to surgically correct virtually every urological condition that requires surgical intervention. Surgeries that necessitate an overnight stay are performed at qualified area hospitals.

Widely sought after by pharmaceutical companies to conduct an extensive range of research studies, Urology Associates of Central California has four full-time research specialists who evaluate patients for qualification in a particular study, oversee their safety and progress, and maintain proper documentation before, during and following the research study.

The team of skilled medical professionals at Urology Associates of Central California brings to the table an amalgamation of experiences and specialties. From the only high-volume robotic surgeon in the Central Valley who has successfully performed hundreds of robotic laparoscopic radical prostate surgeries, to the most sought after and successful facilitator of vasovasostomy and vasoepididymostomy procedures, to the sole lithotriptor in the Central San Joaquin Valley which is utilized to eradicate stones located in the ureters or the kidneys, Urology Associates of Central California offers comprehensive and advanced urological care.

As an innovative and developmental facility, Urology Associates of Central California successfully diagnoses and treats hundreds of patients each year. With a commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of quality, Urology Associates of Central California aligns itself as one of the top urological practices in the country.

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