Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancer diagnoses in the United Sates, second to only lung cancer.  In the next ten years prostate cancer will be one of the fastest growing cancers treated in the urlogy setting.  Around 2013 there were significant changes in the treatment of prostate cancer with drugs such as Provenge, Xtandi, and Zytiga.  Prior to these drugs coming out, once a patient became castrate resistant from hormonal therapy, the next step would be chemotherapy.  These new therapies are extending life by years, and are much easier to tolerate than chemotherapy. These advancements in the treatment of prostate cancer have complicated the treatment of it, so our patient navigator is here for you as a direct contact to assist with referrals to specialists, oversee the care coordination plan and are responsible for orchestrating financial processing including financial assistance with prostate cancer grants amongst other duties.   

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