Our in-house full service laboratory is another service line that provides convenience and efficiency for our patients and physicians.  We have one draw station in our laboratory that works on a walk-in basis for any patient that has lab orders from our physicians for lab work.  In many instances, your results are ready within one hour of drawing your blood, and are sent automatically to your electronic medical record for review by your urologist.  We also process internally urine cultures with microbiology to diagnose urinary tract infections.  It does take two days to grow bacteria on positive urine cultures.  Our lab can accept most insurance carriers with the exception of any HMO insurance.  The types of testing processed in our lab include:

Basic Metabolic Panel 

Liver Function Panel

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

Lipid Panel

Urine Culture

Semen Analysis

NMP-22 (tumor marker for bladder cancer)

Uric Acid


Testosterone Total

The laboratory is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.

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