The Rezūm System is a transurethral RF thermal therapy that uses sterile water vapor (steam) to address BPH by delivering targeted, controlled doses of stored thermal energy directly to the region of the prostate gland with the obstructive tissue that causes BPH.

C2 picA narrow device, similar in shape and size to a cystoscope, is inserted transurethrally under direct visualization and positioned within the prostatic urethra. RF power from the system generator is applied to the delivery device’s inductive coil, which heats upon contact with the tissue, the vapor condenses into its liquid state, releasing the stored thermal energy contained within the vapor. This thermal energy is released directly against the cell walls of the tissue within the treatment zone, gently and immediately denaturing the cell membranes, thereby causing almost instantaneous cell death.

In addition, this energy release collapses the vasculature and causes denervation of the alpha adrenergic nerves and receptors in the treatment zone, effectively eliminating the contractile capability of the treated tissue. Over time, the denatured tissue is absorbed by the body’s immune system response, and the reduction in hyperplastic tissue volume reduces the compression of the urethra, enabling improved urine flow.

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